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Spaces Institute for Architec-ture and Design was founded in 2009 by the philanthropist Darrell Steward, with mission to change physical, cultural landscapes of German cities. The Institute promotes positive changes and creates new trends


Architectural firm focused on the creating strong, beautiful buildings with spaces that are flexible, is beautiful, and appropriate for the needs of its occupants


Gomez-Alvarez talked about his connection to the building itself. After visiting the facility for the first time, he said he immediately knew the potential it had


It’s modern, designed for a future. It’s very technological. You have wi-fi and video, a big screen and a window in each space. You can walk right out of one floor


Chicago-based Designers was the lead designer of the building, led by Will Radford and Matt Trott. They wanted a creative office that utilize the space and needed minimal


 UDI activity
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Programs include Master  of Architecture (M Arch), Specialist of Landscape Architecture, with Designer of Science in Design, was Master of Arts

  In a leading position in the field of university architectural practice, the modern institute

  Work with a cross-section of local residents, business people and government leaders

The first snap of green is stirring, the birds are chirping and you can see a soft carpet of golden fur draped


Workshops for Realtors in the Maritime Provinces were held in the last three months to provide tools, guidance, and information to help Realtors work more efficiently with our partners in the housing sector and promote awareness for those who are looking to enter the housing market. These workshops and information sessions were organized in Halifax Sydney


It's always good to see this kind of excitement and excitement around British Columbia housing developments. This evening is a great opportunity to see what our politicians and community leaders are working on to create a real market for affordable housing for all. Housing affordability is one of the biggest challenges facing our province and community leaders.


The evening features a mix of surprises, new information about both the Council’s housing affordability strategy and the provincial government’s recent announcement, and plenty of energy and enthusiasm about action. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your housing affordability story and the ideas for a more sustainable housing industry.

 Building a park
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